What is the meaning of concierge service?

Previously, concierges were usually restricted to luxury hotels or apartment buildings and helped guests make restaurant reservations, arrange spa services, recommend places to visit, book transportation, etc. Banks currently offering concierge services to customers include Coutts, China Merchants Bank, RBC and HSBC. Every night, the hotel offers a vintage collection of Wines of the World at a special reception, or you can ask the concierge to help you book a table at the Grand Café or tickets to a show just steps away from your accommodation. In the 1970s, a pioneering employee named Tom Wolfe, who trained as a concierge in Europe, set up a concierge desk in the hotel lobby.

A concierge is a person or company specializing in personal assistance or any other support service, such as household management, lifestyle management, transportation, travel and vacation planning, etc. These concierge brands use their experience to save time and offer luxurious and exceptionally personalized service to their high-net-worth customers. The owners and operators of concierge, lifestyle management and errand services businesses are supported and promoted by the non-profit International Association for Concierge and Lifestyle Management (ICLMA) and the National Concierge Association. With the new increase in demand and supply of concierge services, the future of concierge services seems to be very good.

The word “concierge” comes from the French word comte des cierges, which means “guardian of the candles”. So how exactly to explain to the concierge? A concierge is a person or company that specializes in some type of personal assistance or any other service, such as lifestyle management, home management, transportation, travel and vacation planning, etc. By choosing an ideal concierge person or company, you may have the opportunity to enjoy some privileges and special trips. In hotels or resorts, a concierge helps guests perform various tasks, such as making restaurant reservations, booking hotels, organizing spa services, recommending nightlife areas, booking transportation (such as taxis, limousines, planes, ships, etc.) However, these environments are now extremely rare; most of the concierges of small or medium-sized buildings have been replaced by part-time door staff services.

The concierge medicine business model is a win-win model for both doctors and patients, since the doctor does not have to manage a large number of patients to make ends meet and patients receive personalized and timely care and treatment from their doctor. Although the popularity of concierge services is growing, the first thing that comes to mind is a hotel concierge. The concierge can, for example, keep the mail of absent residents, entrust the keys to the apartment to deal with emergencies when residents are absent, provide information to residents and guests, control access, enforce regulations, and act as an intermediary between residents and management when management is not on site.

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