What is concierge style customer service?

The concierge service makes the customer feel that the organization has taken full responsibility for the resolution of their query or problem. In addition, when an agent uses the concierge service practice, it offers greater performance in first-call resolution (FCR) and customer satisfaction (Csat). The concierge service is a search for the best we can offer by interacting with the aim of getting the best out of customers. It is the quest for the nobility of service.

In the language of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company (created by founder Horst Schulze), it is the demonstration of ladies and gentlemen at the service of ladies and gentlemen. Concierge operators operate with limited limits, always using intelligence and adaptability. The CCSR serves as the first point of contact for all levels of customers receiving concierge customer service. The next step in creating a concierge customer service system for your company is to start hiring staff.

For example, Amazon's MayDay button allows Fire Phone users to immediately connect with a live customer service representative, while many ATMs allow customers to request a video conference with a bank teller on the spot. The first step in implementing concierge customer service is to get all members of your team involved and committed to the program. The hotel concierge is one of the oldest and most popular concierge services provided to VIP and high-net worth clients. Some concierges help employers maintain good relations between employer and employee, others handle customer complaints, some provide personal travel planning services, while others provide all of these services acting as personal assistants or lifestyle managers.

Concierge customer service will provide you with a focused and specific place for this information to be implemented first: your most profitable and critical accounts. They can pull the strings, rely on special favors, and pull rabbits out of their hats in a way that leaves their customers amazed, not just served. These concierges offer services such as recommending and making restaurant reservations, organizing spa services, booking transportation, purchasing tickets for special events, serving and helping customer guests, etc. The purpose of this structure is to ensure that when a CCS customer calls, they contact a representative quickly.

As a result, companies that prioritize digital have started offering digital concierges designed to help customers who need help solving technical problems. Once you've created the job description and structure for your human resources system, the next step in creating concierge customer service for your company is to develop criteria that qualify customers for this level of service. Since the CCSR will be the first line of contact between customers and their company, the CCSR's most important qualification will be its ability to communicate and, in particular, to listen. If an existing customer sees the level of service a concierge customer receives and asks them what they should do to get that same service, your sales team has the advantage to implement the steps necessary to make that current customer more profitable for you.

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