What are the qualities of a good concierge?

Skills and qualities: good organizational capacity, since you are always “on duty”, good sense of humor, enthusiasm and resilience to cope with long working days, being very friendly, affectionate and patient, an extroverted personality, common sense and excellent communication skills, the ability to work well as a team. By definition, a concierge service is based on flexibility. Otherwise, our customers wouldn't need the services we offer. The concierge exists to help customers in many ways because, for one reason or another, the customer doesn't have the time or ability to manage tasks on their own.

Therefore, the concierge can be hired to do anything from running errands to helping pack a house in preparation for a move. Flexibility is required because very few plans are executed as originally conceived. A successful concierge must be flexible enough to withstand shocks and, at the same time, make the customer happy. Going hand in hand with flexibility is the ability to solve problems.

The concierge who can analyze any problem, think carefully about it and find an appropriate solution is one who doesn't let unideal circumstances get in his way. It's an essential quality of personal service in a modern culture that is less likely to settle for excuses than on results. For the modern personal concierge, organization is everything. In other words, most of the tasks we do for our customers revolve around some type of organization, whether it's the organization of the home, personal schedule, business matters, or whatever.

The concierge with little or no organizational skills will be lost from day one. However, the one who is good at organizing will always be in demand. How do you know if you have one of these janitors in charge of you? A good concierge will be, well, good. They will be able to manage their daily requests (restaurant reservations, ticket purchases and even transportation) with good, standard answers.

They will have a general knowledge of the surrounding area and acceptable interpersonal and guest relations skills. They know local hotel companies from their hotel visits, but they haven't necessarily done their best to personally test or test the product. However, some may attend an occasional concierge event organized by a specialized industry publication, such as Where Magazine. Excellent communication skills are essential for a concierge.

They talk to guests all day long, so it's important that they speak clearly and maintain a positive tone and a helpful attitude. Candidates who are fluent in more than one language will have an advantage when it comes to applying for employment, especially in major metropolitan areas. A concierge is one of the first people a guest sees when entering a hotel; they are the “face” of the organization. Therefore, concierges have to be extremely welcoming.

They should greet every guest with a smile and a kind word, no matter how long they've worked or how tired they are. By demonstrating your professionalism, communication skills, local knowledge, organizational talent, and friendliness in your resume and in your interview, you're sure to impress the hiring manager as a great fit for your next concierge. The concierge who possesses these qualities will be able to make customers happy under any circumstances.

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