Is being a concierge stressful?

Janitors don't usually find their work stressful, which is likely to contribute positively to career satisfaction. Without a doubt, a concierge will encounter stressful situations, especially during the busiest seasons if they work for a hotel group. A personal concierge can suffer from stress in the form of an unpredictable day or a demanding customer. Communicate your ability to overcome stress, stay focused, and produce results.

The concierge at a first-rate hotel must be immaculately groomed and well-connected. Presence and charisma are the key to maintaining serenity while dealing with many stressful situations simultaneously. When I reached the point in my career where it was possible to apply for membership in Les Clefs d'Or (the international concierge organization), I did so. Even with the schools and training classes available, I personally believe that being a good concierge is something you are born with; you either like it or not.

He has earned more than 95% in guest satisfaction surveys in consecutive years and continues to contribute greatly to the success of The Hari, London (formerly Belgraves), where he is currently head concierge. Just ask Wendy Waltz, who, at one time or another, has performed each of these tasks in her role as chef and concierge at Seattle's Mayflower Park Hotel. Concierge is one of the most desirable hotel careers, perfect for pleasant, organized, and energetic workers who are committed to creating a great guest experience. Above all else, concierges need excellent communication and interpersonal skills to make guests feel comfortable and welcome.

I had never really thought about what it was like to be a good concierge, but your article was a fascinating read. Once you become a concierge, I highly recommend that you become an active member of your hotel's local concierge association, if your city has one. Ben Malpass, an award-winning member of the prestigious Les Clefs d'Or with more than 20 years of experience in the concierge sector. There is no formal education requirement for janitors, although some employers may prefer a certificate or degree in a field related to hospitality.

It seems that it might be useful to use a concierge on my next trip, since I never know what to do in my spare time in a new city.

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