Is a concierge a good job?

Concierge is one of the most desirable hotel careers, perfect for pleasant, organized, and energetic workers who are committed to creating a great guest experience. Below, we share what you need to know about concierge jobs, including salaries, general obligations, and career prospects. A concierge is a professional who has the first point of contact between guests and an organization. They respond to inquiries, direct phone calls and coordinate travel plans; in short, they work to ensure that all guests feel welcome while maintaining the company culture at all times.

Concierge positions usually exist in the hospitality industries. Concierge staff are hired for various types of hotels and resorts, as well as for apartment buildings and even yacht companies. Although most janitors have a college degree, it's possible to earn one only with a high school degree or GED. When I reached the point in my career where it was possible to apply for membership in Les Clefs d'Or (the international concierge organization), I did so.

Even with the schools and training classes available, I personally believe that being a good concierge is something you're born with—whether you like it or not. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, housing manager positions will experience significant growth in the near future and the need for janitors is likely to follow suit. We researched employers that employ janitors and discovered their number of concierge opportunities and their average salary. The concierges ensure that all procedures are followed thoroughly to obtain the best possible results when visiting their guests.

All-inclusive resorts and large vacation resorts use concierges to help guests understand all the options available during their stay. Just ask Wendy Waltz, who, at one time or another, has performed each of these tasks in her role as chef and concierge at Seattle's Mayflower Park Hotel. Urban hotels can use concierges to help guests decide which food and entertainment options are best for them and which tourist attractions are worth visiting. Once you become a concierge, I highly recommend that you become an active member of your hotel's local concierge association, if your city has one.

As a concierge, you're likely to make a first impression on guests or residents, so you need to be friendly, professional, and hospitable. With this example of a concierge job description, you can get a good idea of what employers are looking for when hiring for this position. Every day, a concierge is involved in tasks such as welcoming customers as they enter and leave a building, providing informational assistance to guests, organizing transportation for residents, and making practical recommendations for nearby facilities. Remember that every employer is different and everyone will have unique qualifications when you hire for a concierge position.

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